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Sonic Leadership believes that active student participation in a broad arts and music curriculum is essential to learning, to living a fulfilling life and to the preservation of culture. Our mission is to support innovative partnerships with our clients for a positive impact on the arts and music engagement at the K-12 educational level. Our presentations utilize top musicians from your local and regional communities, and we want an opportunity to bring those musicians and their talents into schools to present workshops and performances that will inspire and leave a lasting impression

How it works:

  • Book Sonic Leadership for a Breakout Session or Keynote and establish performance date.

  • Let us know if you or any of your employees have children in local public school music programs.

  • Connect us with the School or Band Director.

  • We will coordinate with the school to perform music focused workshops and master classes with students during the time we are in your local community to present Sonic Leadership.

  • This is offered to the school at ZERO COST and is made possible by your booking of Sonic Leadership.

Student Music Master Class
Student Music Master Class

Sonic Leadership Musicians Perform Student Master Classes

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