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Sonic Leadership has been presented to some of the most influential and innovative companies around the world including GOOGLE, CISCO, PNC BANK, and AHRA. How can your team learn from a live band performance? Please take a moment to reach out to us so we can share more about what we do and how we can create a customized presentation for you today!

"A superb event for PNC and Florida Institute of Technology. The crowd was into the music and absorbed the message and the talents of each of the musicians. A truly wonderful night!" 

Frank Spitzmiller - Special Assistant to the President - Florida Instutute of Technology

" A masterful presentation by the Sonic Leadership Team. You skillfully linked the institution of business with that of music

to create and stimulate an important partnership that will advance the pathway of societal and management excellence in

this country and beyond."

Clifford Bragdon 

Director and Vice President of the National Aviation and Transportation Center

"Fun presentation that will challenge you to change, adapt, and stretch your business management style"

Del Dukart - Program Manager - CISCO Systems

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